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Snow ball & coconut milk yellow polished glutinous rice

[original] * * without the permission of the author, and may not be reproduced or * * SOHU community food kitchens January Mega Ruixue year food challenge mm snow ball & coconut milk yellow polished glutinous rice to see the image source: snow ball.
As the court of small JJ method to do, I have never eaten. ". to see the Milky Way square has sold 10 yuan of money, 3 did not give buy to eat. This taste really taste is very special, like some cream fruit cake flavor, and sticky rice taste.
Little Yuan Zizhen is indeed the kitchen god.. coconut milk yellow Nuomici is I want to.... to suck the breast,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, yellow packs, the prescription transferred out of the milk yellow with the hotel to eat almost taste.
.. View original sources: see the image source: see the image source: see the image source: see the image source: see the image source: 1 2 3 glutinous rice glutinous rice powder cornstarch powder 50 grams, 15 grams, corn starch milk, sugar 3 tablespoon mix 90ml to no powder slurry.
(5 volume) 4 large steam for 15 minutes until cooked,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, add 5 grams of white oil, mix well to see the image source: 5 into 5 grams of white oil, mix (sticky rice, sticky, operating more trouble) 6 will do a good job of glutinous rice group into the firstThe refrigerator, then into pieces, with two fresh keeping film covering, lever Park pie 7 fresh strawberry cut.
8 ready for an egg up to die, sprinkle powder (glutinous rice powder by microwave high fire. 1 minutes) to see the image source: 9 will be a small amount of fresh cream (an ice cream ball the volume), sent (three volume) 10 hands on the powder, the park pastry into up to die, in the strawberry block, and then into the cake with whipped cream, wrap dough.
11 do the custard, starch 30 grams, 1 egg 2, starch 20 grams 3, custard powder 2 small spoon,You have been tagged by ~, milk 4 45ml5, 50 grams sugar 6, butter 20 grams 12 cream view original sources: 13 the butter scatter, three sugar, stirring time respectively placed eggs, also want to stir,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, pour in the milk and then add Cheng powder,I know the meal can be directly poured into his mouth,Adidas Jeremy Scott, baking powder 14 will transfer a good batter septum water vapor,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, stirring every 10 minutes, until the cake feeling, will stir 15 to 16 will be the custard custard into a ball shape, wrapped in glutinous rice cake, intradermal,My only wings where you are - literary bokee.com,, roll on coconut.

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