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The twenty-ninth Beijing Olympic Games China Wind security

( Xinjiang Kashi appeared terrorist attacks on Police time ,really make one !So good a chance ,you can share music ,is that there are a lot of people do mischief ,so we never day at Beijing Olympic Games security tensions .
Today in Guangzhou, walking on the street when, in the Garden Hotel near many carry loaded guns armed shuttling back and forth, security is very important indeed ,to fight drive force does not mean war ,confrontation ,emphasis on deterrence and defense !Have a look that Beijing Olympic Games security and what efforts! ) with the Beijing Olympic Day is approaching ,China hosting the Olympic Games of the hundred years dream of being a step a step towards reality .
The international community began to focus the eyes of Beijing .Like the Olympic games such large-scale activities ,all through the ages is the target of a terrorist attack ,there is &quot ;every Austrian will disturbance ,&quot ;then ,the Beijing Olympic Games security after all how ?We are gratified the ground sees ,in order to ensure that the Beijing Olympic Games the success of the meeting is held ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,in response to security threats ,Xi Jinping ,Zhou Yongkang central two standing committee personally assume leadership ,China law enforcement agencies have taken effective measures ,and including the establishment of Air ,ground ,underground ,and other three-dimensional network security systems engineering .
Firstly ,the relevant departments organized the flexible conductor system and strong law enforcement personnel ,intelligence information collection work in strengthening ,recently has been effective against a number of terrorist violence ,and succeeded in stopping some terrorism-related involving violence .
Secondly ,China has deployed a comprehensive security work throughout the country ,especially relates to the seven Olympic City ,take strict precautions. In addition ,China has established a strong riot Department process team, developed a series of emergency disposal plan, troops ,armed police ,public security joint ,the repeated actual combat drill, can effectively prevent and handle terrorist violence .
Beijing Olympics security work ,mainly by police ,professional security personnel and volunteers to take ,the people is mainly responsible for the response from the non-traditional security threat ,focus is on NBC and other terrorist attacks.
According to the Olympic Games security scheme ,the people Navy and air force action rapidly ,nearly one hundred thousand officers and soldiers involved in advance and fully in place. The people will be mainly responsible for seven aspects Task :one is the division airborne alert ;two in coastal areas and the surrounding area maritime security ;three is to assist the public security and armed police forces to prevent and combat terrorist activities ;four is the various disasters ,disaster rescue ;five is to assist the border management and control ;six is to assist in the information security work ;seven other needed military assistance temporary task.
At present, as the Olympic venues matching ,by more than 28 cameras,more than 7400 monitoringcenter monitoring system composed of an early start .While in the network, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee according to the five major networks with different security requirements ,have a definite object in view to strengthen safety construction.
A is for network management to carry out the characteristics of the information content security audit ,virus attack monitoring ,network attack monitoring and other aspects of the security construction of network ,and where the USB interface implementation of access restrictions.
The two is to do in-depth games network link security and related management system audit work .Due to network with other games network physical isolation network ,its security work are mainly embodied in the competition of a network management system and the implementation of the supervision and inspection .
Three is the Olympic official website Station ,Olympic venues and the Olympic Internet access network management to achieve replication physical separation .Four is the Olympic ticketing network system on Internet application using data encryption transmission protection measures ,the security settings of the VPN gateway and firewall ,key management and other safety equipment .
In five against DDOS attacks to take the construction of centralized ,unified network flow cleaning center ,through the center of the deployment of flow analysis ,DDOS monitoring ,such as cleaning business control system ,for different target network to provide security services .
The Olympic Games is not only a large-scale sports event ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,in accordance with Olympic security expert Dr. Ma Xin said, the Olympic development up to now ,or &quot ;peace in addition the war outside the biggest military action &quot ;&quot .
Since the 1972 Munich Olympic Games ;black September &quot ;after the terrorist attack ,especially the United States of America &quot ;9.11"event ,the Olympic Games are not in security defense let down .
The Olympic Games security spending has continued to rise .The Athens 2004 Olympic Games a staggering $1500000000. Although Beijing is said to have a saving games ,but due to the increase in security work ,Can adjust the budget .
In addition to the international terrorist forces ,various secessionist forces on Olympic threat cannot not prevent. Chinese officials said that the recent successful defeat two and &quot ;the &quot ;terrorism attack plans .
One terrorist attack against a civil aircraft, another for the Beijing Olympic Games just to quell the unrest in Tibet .Also let the people of Beijing Olympic Games concerns about safety. Beijing is the increase in the Olympic security deployment ,directly to the tournament has more than 90000 people, in addition to more people into the community ,including the security work .
But Beijing is not only adopt the tactics of sea of faces ,China has with a number of National Olympic anti-terrorism cooperation ,and a full range of security system .A ready for the Beijing Olympic Games and destroy people will face several insurmountable obstacles : the core zone is the precision of security equipment ,four aerial patrol helicopter ,MBT Swiss shoes in a variety of small to reduce pain has a significant effect,venues ,Austrian targets near the police on duty and the police officers, security guards and security volunteers.
And then the outer lap also include Beijing city with camera network ,there are a large number of have a watchful eye and enthusiastic participation of Beijing citizens .Even if a cracker can escape from this net, he still faces the severe test ,the outer ring is the border of Beijing ,want to escape from Beijing must pass through Hebei and Tianjin ,the two will become the capital of the natural moat &quot ;&quot ;.
In fact ,two police also received the Olympic Games task ,on Beijing road junction and the train station are examined ,can prevent saboteurs from Beijing ,is more likely to be the case ,they are trying to infiltrate was found .
In Beijing an important gateway to Beijing West Railway Station at the entrance to mm ,police often make some looked suspicious people produce their identity cards .China resident identity cards began to replace the use of IC cards in 2004 forthe two generation ID card replacement work ,2008will bebasically completed .
Train station police with hand-held ID detection device ,which makes use of false identity into the possibility of Beijing is greatly reduced .All of this will be a powerful command center unified scheduling ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,Olympic Olympic security command center director Ma Zhenchuan is the director of the Beijing Public Security Bureau .
This command the resources can be mobilized also includes two trump card :the City Public Security Bureau police corps and belongs to the armed police &quot ;snowwolf commando &quot ;.At least 92500 security personnelto join the Olympic security work :including 40000 police officers,27500police,10000 guardsand 15000 volunteers .
Along with the Games time approximation ,this giant team is in place successively ,and through &quot ;good luck Beijing &quot ;test match training nervously running ,the Olympic security work process are gradually clear up .
Police and SWAT 2006 duringthe NPC and CPPCC Vice Secretary of Beijing municipal Party committee ,when the force was revealed to the media ,Beijing city in 2005 tothe establishment of the central office has applied for 2000 policeplaces ,these places will try to basic level ,to protect the Olympic Games security force .
2006 isapply to increase the quota of 6500 .Beijing City Public Security Bureau police number exceeds 50000 people. Beijing has always been a police tense city ,in recent years ,the city continues to expand the mm from three to five ,five also appeared small such high density residential area ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,these need enough police.
In addition to continuously recruit ,Beijing City Public Security Bureau also try to engage in office work of the administrative staff reduction ,put more police &quot &quot ;detonation ;in each into the street .
Years of NPC and CPPCC &quot ;&quot ;and a series of significant events ,patrol the streets of Beijing police force to exceed 30000 person-time .Beijing BOCOG Security Department announced in March 20, 2008 Olympic Stadiumsecurity general rules show ,the police is the battle among the heaviest responsibility power: &quot ;in the stadium ,the Olympic Village (including the athletes ,the media village ) ,the headquarters hotel ,restaurant and youth camps and other Austrian goal ,security work by police and volunteers ;in logistics center ,Olympic Tower ,business card and uniform distribution center ,training venues and hotels and other Austrian signed goal ,security work by the police and security staff is responsible for .
&quot ;Beijing City Public Security Bureau has an elite special forces unit mm2005 was founded in December 19thby the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau police corps .The team according to &quot ;S.
W.A.T&quot ;nature form ,meaning &quot special weapons and tactics ;&quot ;.Specifically to deal with the fight against terrorism and violent crime .Said the army soon after the establishment ,in 2006 investment fundsmore than 200000000 yuan yuan.
Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the world elite counterterrorist unit has the exchange ,the United States ,France ,Israel FBI panthers and Canadian special forces have And the Beijing police had different degrees of cooperation and exchanges.
Some Western counter-terrorism expert once said ,according to the city of Beijing special police corps development trend, Beijing police will be in in last few years grown into the world strongest anti-terrorism forces .
Snowwolf commando another similarly low-key but fame louder special forces are armed police &quot ;snowwolf commando &quot ;,the Army established in 2002 MM after 2006.If not some videos and pictures through media exposure ,this force is more like a legendary team.
Their armbands with snowwolf avatar and the olive branch ,they have their own &quot .&quot ;;group ,their admirers in the Internet for all about them news and pictures ,and some young people eager to become a member .
They compared with " snowwolf &quot ;and soldier assault in the old A ( prototype is the people Special Forces ) ,in Baidu Post in arguing about what which team is more serious .
&quot ;snowwolf commando &quot ;each player weaponry is close to 300000 yuan,including bulletproof vests ,wearing a bulletproof helmet ,goggles ,leg kneepad ,hand-held 95-style5.8 mmautomatic rifle ,big Leg holster with type 92 9 mmpistol .
This and Hongkong tiger team in Athens Olympic Games and the Greek counter-terrorist force equipment types of almost everyone in the team .The team can be in 2 seconds along the helicopter down on a rope slide down ,down to 18 metersbelow the ground surface.
In addition to the armed police elite snowwolf commando ,there will be a large number of ordinary soldiers and police to perform various security tasks .The sunglasses security in some people the security image close to &quot ;Xu Sanduo &quot ;and &quot ;silly root &quot ;:stranger ,shabby ,shy.
But for the Olympics special security closer in Jet Li image. There will be more than 10000 security officers toattend the Olympic Games security work ,one of the most elite is the special security .
&quot ;personal security do not wear green uniforms ,suits, according to hours rather than screening charges. Selection criteria ,in addition to the martial arts skills ,must be taller than eight zero meters ,image temperament is better, be good at communication.
To understand a foreign language daily conversation .&quot ;Yang Jinshan introduced his training of security guards ,&quot ;after training, their personal qualities and presence and Central Not much difference between the security guard bureau .
But the central guard bureau Comrade is the public security university students ,cultural quality is much higher. &quot ;security volunteers as well as other people of security of Olympic Games volunteers than ordinary Olympic volunteer recruitment should be more strictly ,BOCOG security department minister Liu Shaowu told BOCOG official website video interview once this security volunteers :is the public security and armed police, military college students.
In addition to Beijing and in the vicinity of the various colleges ,BOCOG also from the field of some universities and colleges to recruit security volunteers :Hubei University of Police 2005150reserve officeris to accept a variety of training ,they will be in July 1, 2008 to August 30thfor the Olympic Games service .
In addition to this class of security volunteers ,Beijing is the former Olympic host city has a huge advantage :masses. A great deal of informal volunteers will also help security team together take some work .
Beijing is to guarantee the safety of subway :but security equipment laying still somewhat slow ,Korean strange habits 4.24 commented version _ JANE S ROAD _ Chinese accounting network...,although the media reports had said Ciqikou ,Dongzhimen and Xizhimen subway security pilot .
But now the real running Security equipment only Dongzhimen line 2 X-ray machines,the citizens on the subway ,take baggage up through the security check .The check on the rush hour of the people, and is a promising treatment.
Beijing citizens except in subway along the line to undertake a task ,more and more people are in the protection of their own community ,many of Beijing residential installation or video cameras are being installed ,residents and police work together to reduce the nearby malignant cases ,this is Beijing city is another strategy &quot ;create a safe community neighborhood streets .
&quot ;this system mobilization is Chinese characteristic ,to encourage residents to participate in community safety work .Even foreigners ,as long as you are willing to ,you can also add to the security team, September 15, 2007, Beijing city to live in the store wheat area 7 foreign nationalswas awarded to &quot &quot security volunteers ;community ;the title ,and at the same time to the Chinese characteristics of the voucher mm red armband ,and at the same time to one of 4 issued agreen card to China .
Media reports ,most of these people are &quot ;son-in-law &quot ;or &quot &quot ,daughter-in-law ;ocean ;they had made thought preparation ,decided to defend the city of MM is at least their residential community Safety .
In security work now Beijing has stepped up some time and effort required for foundation work, flow in the densely populated Chaoyang District near Jiuxianqiao, studio boss made new significant advertising :as temporary licenses .
Police station in Jiuxianqiao and even Chaoyang District and Beijing city are busy to find out as soon as the area of the floating population in the case. In experience Olympic Hotel, new employees to strengthen political ,all employees on increased safety training .
The most important security work is undoubtedly the Olympic Stadium ,March 20th,Adidas Wings, Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee issued Olympic security general rules (hereinafter referred to as rules ) .
Beijing BOCOG security department minister Liu Shaowu in a March 20th press briefing :the personal security equipment minimally-equipped unit for &quot ;a machine two &quot ;,namely a X machine ,a two metal detector security gate ,per hour by 800 generalaudience or 400media.
according to the rules ,different venues will perform different security level :&quot ;all Olympic venues will be according to the degree of sensitivity ,scale ,security disasters risk possibility ,emergencies and other factors, is divided into five grades .
Not The same security grade configuration corresponding security equipment and security forces ,the higher level ,per million viewers flow into security equipment more complete ,more sophisticated ,A pair of NIKE shoes on ,more performance .
At the same time, in each of the venues are installed to separate media entrance ,entrance and VIP entrance athletes .&quot ;despite the security level is different, some articles in all venues are banned .
according to the rules :&quot ;firearms and ammunition explosives ,toxic radioactive substances ,hazardous biological agents ,drugs and other prohibited into the Olympic venues ,the security staff once found shall be confiscated.
&quot ;at the same time ,soft drinks ,large bags ,guide dogs ,radio equipment ,Banner Banners ,flags and flag long items do not permit the belt entrance hall .&quot of vehicle security inspection equipment ;minimum with unit for an automatic inspection system ,a security lane .
Only important characters and media can drive to the venues ,these vehicles will be carefully examined include all the various high-tech car .Equipment one of the most common and most effective equipment ,is covered inside 4 annulus of Beijing in most areas of the camera .
In search of Beijing and Camera ,it is Beijing traffic probe distribution map ,drivers can know where do not violate the rules and regulations. All of Beijing Stars Hotel ,large shopping malls ,subway station and the vast majority of schools ,office buildings ,residential and other places have the camera .
In the bird nest and the water cube Olympic Park ,apart from the 18 kilometers ofthe warning line besides, the park also has 4000 camera,in order to control every corner of the park .The camera is the command center of the eye, the security system is the command center of the brain.
China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 28 Institutefor Olympic security to assume security system design ,this system is to get all the security staff and equipment obtained the aggregated information processing .
For example, the system can tell the command center ,every important figure in what position, state how to stick out a mile .Each ordinary audience with mobile phone ,can also be displayed in the system ,if the audience are damaged or sudden illness ,are able to quickly get the ambulance .
28forthe Olympic Games provides emergency mobile command car ,if encounter massive fan trouble or disturbance ,this car for the commander to provide a safe means Command command .The car is equipped with a mobile GSM communication equipment ,short wave single-sideband radio ,FM radio ,satellite communications equipment ,GPS positioning system ,on-board computer ,undertake at the scene command and communication tasks.
The water cube and the regatta venues may also use of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Institute of automation outcomes: underwater robot to detect explosives in order to ensure site safety ,Chinese Academy of Sciences .
Institute of acoustics for frogmen ( diver ) with sonar ,further investigation of the bottom. Separatist threat in the press conference, Gaynor played a &quot ;the &quot ;the terrorists practice shooting lens.
&quot ;from our master data, l R base organization and l ETIM r tissue contact is not limited to language level of agitation ,but the actual operation levels help ,such as personnel training ,weapons and use as well as for its leaders to provide shelter.
&quot ;Gaynor ,&quot ;so I think ,if only the Chinese L R organization as local issues ,it will be a mistake ,because they have the international support .&quot ;the terrorist attack as global governments archenemy.
China announced in 2003 with "the &quot ;activities related to the organization As an illegal organization ,and banned, on the inside and outside of the &quot ;the &quot ;the terrorists issued arrest warrants .
Chinese officials said that the recent has successfully thwarted two and &quot ;the &quot ;terrorism attack plans .One terrorist attack against a civil aircraft, another for the Beijing Olympic Games in March 7th .
China Southern Airlines ,a Urumqi to Beijing flight occurs ,a Uighur girl carrying gasoline bottle boarding to manufacture the crash stop ,plane made an emergency landing at Lanzhou airport .
Have now been identified ,this is outside the &quot ;the &quot ;split molecules directs implementation together with severe destructive activities. China says ,will be in August before the Olympic Games ,to strengthen anti-terrorist preparations .
Several officials warned ,separatists in Xinjiang were planned for Beijing Olympic Games to launch attacks. Another possible threats from Tibet. Xinhuanet.com reports ,Beijing ,the Dalai Lama clique abroad in various occasions to protests ,demonstrations ,inciting the international community to boycott the Beijing Olympics .
In the middle of March the capital of Tibet Lhasa vandalism burning incident ,is considered to be the Dalai Lama to action. The report also alleges ,the Dalai Lama selected personnel training After the entry of seepage failure, and strengthened with &quot ;the &quot ;the terrorist organization collude ,planning to carry out terrorist activities in Tibet ,attempts to bring international attention to Tibet ,reaching Tibet to confuse .

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